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The curators of Here in the Middle deftly meld individual writers’ voices into a chorus of raw and honest stories. The authors’ accounts of how they navigate precious and often complicated relationships will touch readers at any stage of life but will leave others in the sandwich generation feeling understood and connected.

~ Caryn M. Sullivan, Award-winning author of Bitter or Better: Grappling With Life on the Op-Ed Page, inspirational speaker and award-winning columnist


Here in the Middle is a wonderful collection of essays that explores the uncertainty of middle age and everything that comes with it: love, loss, caregiving and the search for a strand of meaning to carry us through it all.”

~Emily Gurnon, Senior Content Editor, Health and Caregiving PBS Next Avenue


This middle place – in between kids who are growing up too quickly and parents who look to us for help – is messy, confusing and overwhelming. This beautiful collection of essays will remind you that you’re far from alone in the experience, and to treasure the days you have together with the people you love most. I’ll revisit these pieces again and again!

~Jill Smokler, Founder of the parenting website, Scary Mommy and New York Times bestselling author


The essays in Here in the Middle offer hope, understanding, compassion, and levity for anyone who is simultaneously caring for their children and aging parents. Christine Organ and Julie Jo Severson beautifully weave together stories that reflect on the evolving and sometimes confusing roles of child, then parent, and then… “Here in the Middle,” where roles flip-flop, often without notice, leaving those in the middle feeling like they are “neither fully one place nor another,” as one mother describes. Kudos to Christine and Julie for compiling this much-needed book, which provides sandwiched parents with a healthy dose of reality, strength, and comfort.

~Julie Burton, Author of The Self-Care Solution—A Modern Mother’s Must-Have Guide to Health and Well-Being (She Writes Press, 2016)


A glittering collection of stories for anyone struggling with life in the middle.

~ Andra Watkins, NY Times bestselling author of Not Without My Father


Here in the Middle plucked at my heartstrings and brought tears to my eyes. Each essay resonated with me as a mom and as a daughter and reminded me that every relationship we fold ourselves into is a unique blessing to be cherished. These relationships are unconditional and everlasting, regardless of how life’s pace waxes and wanes. This book can serve to teach something to those who haven’t reached the middle quite yet, but for those of us who are there, Here in the Middle makes us feel somehow less alone.”

~ Dana Faletti, author of Beautiful Secret


Here in the Middle is a collection of beautiful stories that will serve as a virtual lifeboat for anyone struggling with the pressures of being caught in the middle without all the answers.

~ Jen Mann, NYT bestselling author, People I Want to Punch in the Throat



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