Listing of Stories

Order your copy of HERE IN THE MIDDLE today and look for these stories:


Introduction to the Middle  by Christine Organ (co-editor)

Beyond Describe  by Julie Jo Severson (co-editor)

Choosing to Say Yes  by Carol Heffernan

Dad’s Bookcase  by Patricia Jonik Stein

My Struggle with the Sun  by Whitney Fleming

Living, Even in the Dying  by Tina Porter

A Brother Thing  by Melissa Janisin

The Music Stand  by Lisa Pawlak

A Prayer for Serenity  by Jeanine DeHoney

We Cook  by Carol A. Cassara

Grandparent Privilege  by Jackie Pick

Pedicure with Dad  by Ashley Collins

I Can’t Go Back, but I Can Always Remember  by Rudri Bhatt Patel

To Call You Mama  by Chelsea Schott

The Blue Room  by Jill Wilbur Smith

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round  by Alisa Schindler

Tomorrow Never Comes  by Georgia A. Hubley

Ten Years  by Christine Carter

Moving Nana In  by Ambrosia Brody

At the Bridge of Gods  by R. Todd Fredrickson

Catching Up  by Amy Halzel Willis

Time Turns Back on Itself  by Laura Grace Weldon

The Weight of Fridays  by Kelly Garriott Waite

Shapes in the Clouds  by Pamela Valentine

Air Supply  by Kristie Betts Letter

Sounds of Love and Life  by Kim Love Stump

Stars I Will Find  by Julia Tagliere

The Things You Do for Love  by Katherine Mikkelson

Getting to Know Dad  by Diana Walters

Fragile  by Caroline M. Grant

They Grow Old So Fast  by Jennie Robertson

The Space Between  by Linda A. Janssen


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